Your kids have begged you for a dog for you can’t remember how long. Your spouse is totally on board with a family pet. And you are in the process of doing the research to get a pup now that you’ve consented to one. Where do you start? Keep reading for tips.

Are You Absolutely Sure in Terms of Time, Lifespan, Attention, and Expenses?

Before you snag a pup for your family, make sure you’ve absolutely covered all of the bases. The average dog lives upwards of a decade, and all pups require an abundance of attention, time, and energy. Plus, some dogs are more expensive than others—but on average, food, toys, and vet care could set you back a couple hundred bucks per month.

Talk with your family and really drive these points home before you all decide to get a canine, because dogs are long-term commitments that become members of your family. Make sure your kids know that dogs are responsibilities—not all fun and games.

Get a List Going of Preferred Vets, Must-Haves, and Accessories

Ask around for reliable, reputable veterinarian offices, then shop for accessories that are essentially must-haves, like dog bowls, a dog bed, and some rope or chew toys. Organize toys and accessories in boxes and use custom product labels to designate each box for something pup-related.

Do Your Research as a Family, Then Assign Responsibilities

This goes back to doing research about a responsibility that a dog can be with your family. Make a chore chart of responsibilities for your prospective pup, like who will walk it or feed it. Then alternate those responsibilities so it’s all fair and everyone gets a turn to care for the pup as a family.

Breeder vs. Shelter

While adoption of a pup is the best thing you can do, there’s also the option of snagging your dream dog breed from a breeder. There are pros and cons to both, but breeders are definitely more expensive. Whereas, you could offer an adopted pup a forever home and the proceeds would go into helping other animals at the shelter. Either option requires research to find a breeder or shelter that is both reliable and reputable.

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