Protect Eyes from Radiation with Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Radiation from excessive gadget use can cause eye irritation.
Therefore, it is important to use Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect eye health, especially if you frequently use gadgets for a long time.

In an increasingly literate era of technological advancements, gadgets become items that cannot be left behind in everyday life. 

However, staring too much at the device’s screen, like a computer, laptop, or smartphone, is believed to damage the eyes.

Radiation rays from various devices over time can make red eyes, dryness, fatigue, to blurred vision.
To anticipate this, blue light blocking glasses appear as a solution to prevent eye damage.

However, are blue light blocking glasses really effective in protecting the eyes?

Protect Eyes from Radiation with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protecting the eyes from excessive radiation exposure is one way to maintain eye health.
In addition to limiting the use of gadgets and resting your eyes from time to time when working in front of a computer screen.
You are also recommended to use anti-radiation glasses when you are in front of a computer screen or gadget.

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that are designed to protect the eyes when looking at a computer screen, smartphone, or other digital devices.
Because blue ray radiation in various devices is believed to cause a number of eye problems.

Blue light blocking glasses are generally equipped with a layer of anti-reflective lenses that can reduce the dazzling reflection of the gadget.

These blue rays can cause eye fatigue, and interfere with the ability to focus the eye on the screen.

Well, these glasses can prevent eye strain thereby increasing comfort when using a computer.

Unlike ordinary glasses that the only function to help vision, Blue light blocking glasses aim to optimize vision when looking at a computer screen.

The function of anti-radiation glasses

Too often staring at a computer screen can cause us to experience symptoms of computer syndrome vision (CSV). When exposed to CSV, productivity can be disrupted.

However, by using Blue light blocking glasses, we can prevent or reduce various symptoms of CSV.

Such as Headache Loss of focus Eye fatigue Burning sensation in the eye Red eye Double vision Eye twitching Blurred vision Neck and shoulder pain

Regarding the effectiveness of using blue light blocking glasses to protect the eyes, it depends on the individual.
Because, these benefits may not be too influential on some people, especially those who have severe eye problems such as cataracts.

However, using blue light blocking glasses will not make the eyes worse. These glasses will actually help keep eyes.

The eye is a very important organ for life. With a pair of eyes, one can see the world around him.In addition, research also shows that most computer users experience various eye discomforts. Therefore, blue light blocking glasses can be a solution.
The price of anti-radiation glasses is quite varied.
You also have to consider the frame and size of the chosen glasses. Glasses with a larger frame and lens are considered capable of covering the area around the eyes well.
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