When it comes to education, it’s important to have the right furniture and equipment in order to make the most out of your classroom. Space is sometimes limited in the classroom so it’s important to make sure that you choose items that will be useful in many aspects of your lesson plans. You’ll want to be careful about what furniture you choose for your classroom in order to maximize the space and learning capabilities. There are a few pieces of furniture that almost all classrooms need.


Desks are a staple in almost every classroom environment. While tables are also a good option, desks can offer more flexibility depending on the situation. They can be moved around in pairs, circles, or whatever other shapes will be conducive for the particular lesson plan of the day. If a student is assigned their own desk, it also makes it easier for them to organize their belongings in a way that will aid them in learning.


Depending on the type of class and the size of the room, you may only need 1 or 2 small tables around the room. Tables are great to help with group work, meetings, or larger projects that require a flat surface to work on. The type of table you choose for your room can vary and if space is a concern, foldable tables that can be easily stored are a great option.


We all remember our teachers standing behind a lectern while giving us lessons. Podiums have changed considerably over the years and they don’t have to be the bulky, wooden piece of furniture from our memories. Now, there are podiums available that help to integrate technology in learning with features like USB ports, power outlets, and even network links so you can share what is on your computer or tablet with the entire classroom easily. Podiums are a great way to help you stay organized while giving your students a specific area to focus on while they are paying attention.


Easels don’t just belong in the art room, they can be used for many other purposes in any type of classroom. Easels are a great way to keep track of ideas from students in your class during discussions as well as making lists that you might want to refer back to later. In addition, even if they aren’t in an art room, they’re still fun to express yourself with!


Teachers have a lot of stuff that they need for their classrooms and storage is always a concern. Whether plastic, wooden, or metal, shelving can help to keep you and your classroom organized. If there are shelves that are too high access easily, they can be used as display space.

Bins and Baskets

Sometimes, shelving isn’t enough when it comes to organizing your classroom, smaller items can be stored in their own containers. These baskets and bins can even be placed on desks for personal use of the students. They’re a great way to allow easy access to your classroom items.

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