Teaching is a extremely demanding, multifaceted, complicated, and rewarding profession—and so is our secondary education teacher preparation system. Secondary certification programs are supplied in biology, chemistry, general science, physics, English, modern languages, social research, history, and math. Demonstration of satisfactory prospective for teaching, including proof of emotional stability and a satisfactory record as to conduct, character, and mental personal health, to the effect that the applicant does not have any personal qualities prejudicial to satisfactory overall performance as a teacher.

To be in great academic standing, a student ought to have completed all EDUC-prefix courses and all crucial teaching-field courses, have removed all Incompletes from all courses, and have maintained a three.00 (ESEC majors) or 2.80 (secondary and P-12 majors) GPA all round and in each teaching field. All students earning certification ought to effectively pass an exit examination, at present Praxis II in content material area. These start in the initial semester of the education curriculum and extend all through the program.

Students who successfully comprehensive a prescribed program at the baccalaureate level in teacher education will be eligible for the Alabama Class B teacher certificate in their location(s) of specialization. Students now have the chance to decide on involving two tracks when pursuing their certification to teach. Here at Samford, our Secondary Medical College system gets students off campus and in genuine six-12 classroom settings early and generally. Velma Wright Irons Memorial Scholarship—Will assist a student in the School of Education who is pursuing a vocational aim in elementary education and who has attained junior class rank.

To be eligible for student teaching, a student should have been admitted to teacher education, be in fantastic academic standing, have demonstrated required dispositions to be a profitable teacher, have successfully completed the expected clinical practical experience, completed 56 of the expected 64 convocation credits, and must have had a total records verify.

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