Eligibility Criteria for UPSC Exams in India

All Indian Administrative Civil Service officers are selected by the Union Public Service Commission. They conduct civil service exam for selecting the candidates. It is one of the toughest exams in India. There are a lot of IAS coaching centres in Chennai. It is therefore important for the candidate to research, select and get admitted at the best IAS coaching in Chennai for complete guidance and preparation.

The candidates who clear the exam will be allotted to 24 different services based on the total marks scored in main and interview and also based on candidates’ preference. Among the 24 service, IAS is the top administrative post. Some of the other services are IPS, IFS (Foreign), IFS (Forest), IP & TAFS, IDAS, CMSE, IRTS, IRAS, IAAS, CAPF-AF and so on.

Civil service exam is conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission. Every year approximately one lakh people appear for the exam. The candidates who are appointed as IAS can be employed to some jobs like collector, chief secretary, cabinet secretary, Head of public sector unit and also in inter-governmental organization. 

Some of the inter-governmental organization in which IAS officers can be employed are the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the United Nation or its agencies.

Eligibility Criteria: 

The candidates who apply for the civil service exam conducted by UPSC for the selection of civil servant should fulfill the following criteria.

  • Nationality: The candidates who apply for the civil service exam should be an Indian citizen. They can also be a citizen of Nepal or Bhutan. Tibetan Immigrant who settled in India before 01/01/1962 can also apply for the civil service exam. If a person from Zambia, Zaire, Vietnam, Uganda, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malawi, Kenya or Ethiopia migrated to India for permanently staying here can also apply for this exam but they should be of Indian Origin.
  • Education: The candidate who wishes to write the civil service exam should have a degree from any familiar or renowned Universities. The candidates who are in their final year can also prepare and apply for the preliminary examination.  The final year MBBS student can apply for the exam before completing their internship but they must submit proof that they have completed the final year from the concerned university. 
  • Age Limit: The minimum age for writing the civil service exam is 21 years and the candidates can write up to 32 years. The required age should be satisfied as on the first of August. The candidates who are born after August 02, 1988 and before August 02, 1999 can apply in the year 2020 for writing the civil service examination. There can be changes based on rules and regulation from the Union public service commission. 

The Union Public Service Commission has provided some relaxation to the upper age limit (32 years). The candidates who belong to scheduled caste or scheduled tribe can write their exams till 37 years. 5 years of relaxation is given to the scheduled caste or scheduled tribe candidates. 

The candidates from other backward class can apply for the civil service exam till 35 years. 3 years of relaxation is provided for the other backward class candidates. There are three years of relaxation for Defense services personnel and five years of relaxation is provided for the ex-servicemen. 

If the candidate is an ex-serviceman from other backward class then he/she can get the benefit of cumulative age relaxation.  So the candidate will get three-year relaxation for other backward class and five-year relaxation benefit because of ex-servicemen. Total of 12 years relaxation benefit is given to that candidate. So he can write the exam until 42 years (Upper age limit). The upper age limit for the handicapped or the disabled candidates is 42 years. 

  • Number of attempts:

There is a restriction on the number of attempts for each candidate who apply for the civil service exam. This restriction is effective from 1984. It is counted as one attempt if the candidate appears for anyone of the paper also. If the candidate applies for the exam but did not write the exam then it is not counted.The number of attempts for general category candidate is 6 and 9 for the other backward class candidates. The number of attempts is unlimited for the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe candidates.

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Asking for Miracle in proper ways!

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Asking for miracle to God might sound pretentious, however it can happen as long as you have faith on God. While there is no special formula to follow when you pray asking for a miracle, everyone has their own unique and distinctive method of praying for miracle. However, to make sure that your pray will have an effect to you and ensure that God will listen to you is by pray passionately, persistently and positively. Therefore, today I provide you a step by step guide on how to pray to God for a miracle and ensure that you are having positive attitude toward your life. However, make sure that you get best book on a course in miracles to achieve a miracle on your life.

The first step to get miracles on your life is by pray passionately. Make sure that you allowing yourself to be moved by God’s power and blessing while you are praying. You will need to open your heart and releaseevery emotion you have. If you feel moved and want to cry, allow yourself to cry or even yell. Express what you feel to God and make sure not to holding back. Praying for miracle can be achieved by pray with passionate faith.

The second step is by praying persistently, precisely and make sure with patience. Asking for miracles to happens should be done with persistent. Make sure to come to God anytime you can spare ties, you can pray on your commute, you can play at your lunch, or you can pray at your desk while working. If you asking persistently, you also need to listening to God’s Guidance and seek His advice for your life and might you can watch this video.

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Pray Precisely, Persistenly and Patiently to Get Miracles

You also need to pray precisely to get miracle on your life. The best way to do that is by state what you want in clear and simple language. Make sure to ask to God in direct and to the point way. Dont let your mind wandering, to do so you will need to focus and dedication. The best way to keep your pray simple and direct is by repeat simple and direct phrase as part of your prayer.

The next step is make sure to pray patiently. Waiting for miracle or reply from God can be taxing and frustating. You might feel hopeless and lost when God didnt answer you instantly,  however you need to keep calm and make sure you are not losing faith in God. You are not being ignored by God, He work in mysterious way and ensure that every pray are answered properly in proper and perfect time. Make sure to patient and lean on God for support. However, to improve your way in seeking for miracles, i recommend you to get the acim books. This way, you will be able to understand the mechanism and how to gain miracles on your life properly. You might be able to experience spiritual awakening that allow you to elevate into higher wisdom and prepare you for the next best miracle in the world.

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Continuing Education Builds a Capable Workforce

After getting a degree in engineering, architecture, and other highly technical fields, many professionals still opt to continue their learning process. These industries are constantly evolving. This means that the professionals working in the sector must catch up with the emerging technology and new industry requirements and compliance standards.

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education target adult students and includes learning activities and programs that occur after post-secondary education. It includes degree or credit courses from universities or colleges. They may also include workforce training programs, workshops, and conferences that are designed for a specific sector.

The methods of learning are also flexible, given that some continuing education students are also working either on a part-time or full-time basis. Many of these programs are designed to accommodate these varying needs. Aside from the flexibility in enrolling in these courses or training programs, they are also offered online. Halfmoonseminars.org is an example of these continuing education providers that deliver different learning modes to participants.

Variety of Learning Options

Teaching methods also vary for continuing education courses. Location differentiates the design and delivery of the course. There are courses that are taught in a physical classroom or laboratory setting. In this set-up, the traditional learning method is paired with multimedia tools and hands-on learning, if needed.

For online teaching modes, the content may be delivered in a variety of multimedia formats. These include webinar series on a specific topic or any audio or video streamed content. Learning modules are also shared online. There are also courses that encourage exchange between students via a virtual classroom set-up. In some cases, the methodologies are a mix of actual classroom learning and virtual or online methods.

Benefits of Continuing Education

There are many reasons why professionals seek continuing education opportunities. Learning is a continuous process. As the individual progresses through a career, new information and knowledge are being developed in the respective industry. This especially applies to sectors that are highly technical such as engineering and law.

For managers, it is also important to encourage employees to enroll in a continuing education course. In many cases, developing an in-house program that supports this endeavor also helps facilitate learning opportunities for the employees. Companies that prioritize continuing education and training can also successfully engage their employees, and in the long-run, encourage contribute to workforce retention.

Proactive companies even take the initiative to conduct their own skills and training needs assessment. This enables them to identify what courses and training programs would help develop their workforce. In the long-run, this also helps the company tremendously by having well-trained employees who can handle the changing needs of the industry.

Keeping abreast of industry trends and requirements is a must when working in these highly–technical fields. For engineers, architects, and other professionals enrolling in a continuing education course keeps them on top of their game. These highly technical sectors are not static, and professionals who want to excel in their areas must learn and adapt.

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Pros of taking online test series for SSC CHSL Exam

Are you currently preparing for SSC CHSL Examinations? Then you are no stranger to practicing tests. However, as a majority of SSC CHSL examinations are now conducted online, you should be well-vers4ed with the intricacies of giving the test in the online medium. If you are on the lookout to improve your online examination skills, you need to take the online test series for the SSC CHSL Examinations. Interestingly, online tests series are now available for almost all kinds of examinations, and this is the reason that this process is entirely transparent. On the other hand, by registering for an online test series, you would have the option to access a large number of test questions that are usually prepared by expert faculty that also comprises of a lot of various subjects.

The pros of taking the online test series for SSC CHSL Examinations

The online practice sets have the efficiency to assess the examination process in a thorough manner. Moreover, as it is an entirely automated system, it has the ability to provide fast results. This is the reason that as an SSC CHSL candidate, you should always concentrate on taking online practice tests. Here is the list of other advantages of taking SSC CHSL examinations.

An instant result with feedback

In the case of an offline test, you have to wait for the results. However, in the case of an online test, you have the option to avail instant effect with feedback. On the basis of your results, you have the opportunity to decide how to go about the preparation process. This is the reason that an online test practice set would help you to save a lot of time.

You can emphasize on time management

At the time of taking up online test series, the time limit for completing each section appears on the top. This is great owing to the fact that at the time of taking up real SSC CHSL examinations, you can have the solution to complete each section on time. This would further increase your chances of being getting a crack at the real reviews. On the other hand, if you are unable to finish a specified section in a given time limit, then the online test series would automatically move to the next part. This is how an online test series would always help you to manage time in an efficient manner.

You would have access to a flexible test schedule

At the time of giving online practice test series of SSC CHSL examinations, you do not have to worry much about various kinds of stationeries and tools. All you need is peace of mind along with an internet connection. On the other hand, you would have the liberty to give the online test from anywhere in this world. This would save your time significantly, and you would have the time to concentrate on the essential aspects of the SSC CGHSL examinations.

Thus, the online practice sets have their advantages, and as an SSC CHSL candidate, you would always lay emphasis on taking online test series.

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Tips for Bringing Technology Into Your Classroom

Tips for Bringing Technology Into Your Classroom

Teachers around the nation are trying harder than ever to retain the attention of their students. With the new surge of technology that is blanketing everything we do, students tend to be easily distracted with older teaching methods. It’s time to flip the switch on the new age of teaching and incorporate technology into the classroom.

One of the easiest ways to integrate technology into your classroom is as an organizational aid. Applications like online calendars, homework assignments, grading platforms, and more are great for helping both teachers, students, and parents stay up-to-date. Having these applications available on an online platform is simple to do and can keep missing homework assignments to a minimum as they can be easily accessed online. These organization conveniences can help to limit the amount of time you spend during class passing out papers and give you more time to teach.

Virtual field trips are becoming a big favorite of many teachers as they’re an easy way for their students to explore without the large expenditure. Getting field trips approved, signed permissions slips, and scheduling for travel and the destination can be a little overwhelming. It’s likely that when you were in school your field trips were limited to only a few times a year. With virtual field trips, you can plan a trip any day of the week. These are spectacular visual aids for students which can greatly help with the learning process.

Students process information differently. This is a fact of life that many of us become aware of during our own studies. For some, visual aids are ideal while others like to hear the words. By utilizing different types of teaching strategies, you can provide optimal learning environments for all types of students. Traditional lecturing, power points, videos, and music are all forms of different learning styles that can appeal to various students. Digital Portfolios: The Art of Reflection is a great way to see how students perform with different teaching strategies.

Connecting with students to answer homework and other study questions are becoming more essential. Traditionally, colleges tended to utilize these study sessions by offering evening meetings prior to tests with the professors. Unfortunately, this is not something which is highly practiced in the lower educational level. As a teacher, you should try to integrate a way to be available for your students outside of class hours. This can be easily done by holding a Google Hangout once a week and right before major tests. This will allow your students more access to help when they need it. In addition, for those students who require more study sessions, you can hold individual learning sessions in the late afternoon or evenings to keep their educational learning on track with the rest of the students in your class.

Technology is bringing a new revolution of learning to the classroom. This revolution allows for various learning styles and more retention from students who have in the past been left out with the traditional forms of teaching. We urge you as a teacher to try and integrate technology into your classroom on a regular basis.


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