If you’re planning a remodel, you might as well look to the upcoming trends for inspiration. The geometrics and pastels of art Deco are already popping up in new designs and will be in full swing in 2020. Austin remodeling companies can take the following trends into account when informing clients on a new space.

Light Warmth- Pastels Over Neutrals and Deep Accent Hues  

Use cream, jute, or taupe as your warm base colors, but don’t stop there. Wash your space with as few or as many tints as you like, such as baby pink, rose, seafoam, powder blue, lemon meringue, or orange creamsicle. For gravity and punch, add marine blue, forest green, dark indigo, or cherry red. The art you choose can be graphic design prints in the style of Erte, or traditional landscapes and portraits.   

Visual Texture- Clean Lines and Geometric Patterns  

The addition of geometrics to the 2020 space, keeps the clean lines of the minimalism of recent years while introducing visual interest. The colors mentioned above soften the graphic nature of geometrics. Employ patterns and color blocking in your carpets or rugs, and on your walls with paint or wallpaper.  

Biophilia- Getting in Touch With Ourselves Through Nature  

Humans have an innate need to be among the natural. Make plans to include natural elements for your well-being. You may have already covered the basics like house plants, and wood or stone flooring. Try adding edibles like herbs or dwarf citrus trees, and crystals or gemstones as functional décor. If it’s in your budget, you can install a full slab of labradorite for a counter or table.  

2020, almost a century after art deco’s inception, is a great year to honor the style with a remix. Have your designer or remodeling company integrate this trend so you can appreciate all the colors and patterns that it has to offer. 

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